The objective of the AWESOME project (PTDC/CCI-INF/29234/2017) – Awareness While Experiencing and Surfing On Movies through Emotions – is to investigate the emotional dimension of movies, to provide support for the classification, access, navigation and visualization of movie collections, not only by genre, rating, etc. but based on the emotions expressed in their content and felt by the viewers, while and after watching movies. This holds the potential to increase emotional awareness and empower users regulating emotions when accessing and watching movies and videos.
To accomplish these objectives, there are four scientific challenges that we will address and intend to solve in the project:

  • To evaluate and select most relevant dimensions in emotional impact and predictors of enjoyment and gratifications from movies, understand viewers preferences, and the importance perceived in receiving emotional information. This will allow to identify the most relevant emotional responses to use for the emotional impact, to inform a better support in emotional elicitation, movie classification and access;
  • To capture the emotional impact of movies, as felt and perceived by the viewers, for classification and indexing. This will help users to gain more awareness about the emotional impact of watching movies and allow to access movies based on these emotions;
  • To analyze and classify movie content based on the processing of three information streams: subtitles, audio, and visual video content, with a special focus on emotional information;
  • To conceive and create effective interactive access, navigation and visualization of the movies based on their content and their emotional impact on viewers, with the potential to provide insights based on the information visualized, and the users? emotional profiles, choices, and states.

The exploration of movies by their emotional dimensions can be used for entertainment, but also education or health purposes. Thus, these results could be relevant to a wide audience.